Applying for Subsidized Housing using the Social Housing Application


Social Housing Application is a centralized waiting list system for people applying for subsidized housing.  This system allows you to apply for as many service manager areas/social housing providers as you are interested in through one application process.  There are centralized waiting lists for all service manager areas in Ontario. The administration of the centralized waiting list may be done by the service manager or by an agency selected by the service manager to do this service.

You have selected an application process that covers several service manager areas. Each area that you apply to using the application process will review your application individually. They will let you know if you qualify for housing and confirm that your application is on the waiting list for all locations and municipalities you are interested in and qualify for.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the centralized waiting list administrator(s) for the areas that you are interested in. Find more information about the service areas that are participating the the Social Housing Application on the Resources page.


You can use this on-line computerized application process for some participating service manager areas. For other areas, you will have to mail in your completed application.  The areas that participate in this Social Housing Application system are listed in the Resources page.

To start a new application on-line, use the Applicant Login above to register and start your application.  You will select the areas where you want to live after entering your personal information.

If you already have an application and wish to start using the on-line applicant portal, contact the centralized waitlist administrator for a registration code.

It may be possible to apply in person at the centralized waiting list administrator’s office in the service area you are interested in living.  Before attempting to apply in person, you should contact the waitlist administrator about any restrictions that may be in place.